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Columbia County Association in the City of New York
Organized December 18, 1901
Incorporated January 9, 1902

(From a Hudson Paper, Dec. 8, 1882 )


There are a great many former residents of Columbia County in the City of New York , and its immediate vicinity, more than would be supposed by one who did not stop to think how many young men born here are obliged to seek employment elsewhere. Several gentlemen who have recently removed from the Hudson to take up their residence in the " Big City " took it into their heads lately to attempt an organization of those former residents of Columbia in the form of a Social Club. Accordingly about a fortnight ago invitations were sent out to upward of 50 of those whose addresses were known, asking them to attend a meeting to be conducted at the Knickerbocker Cottage, on Sixth Avenue , which resulted in attendance of about 20. Within a week afterward an organization was effected, room rented and membership obtained of more than 30, which it is confidently believed will increase before the end of the month to at least 50. The club is quartered in elegantly furnished rooms on the parlor floor of No. 130 West Twenty-Third Street , a little west of Booth's Theatre.

The following are the officers of the club and the names of some of the former residents of Columbia County from among whom the membership is made up: Leon F. Longly, president; E.A. New, first vice president; Charles Tompkins, second vice president; M. Hoffman Philip, third vice president; Chas. S. Champlin, secretary; and R.V.W. DuBois, treasurer.

Executive committee: Ezra V. Byrne, Perkins F. Cady, Edward S. Mellon, Romaine Waterbury, Emmet Sweet, Henry Smith and Philip H. Knickerbocker.

Former Presidents:

Jacob F. Miller, 1902-1903

Abner S. Haight, 1904-1905

Dr. Eugene H. Porter, 1906

William A. Nash, 1907

Evelyn D. Cummings, 1908

Bayard L. Peck, 1909

Frank Bailey, 1910

William B. Howland, 1911

Richard B. Aldcroftt, 1912

Walter s. Crandell, 1913

John G. Snyder, 1914

Wilson M. Powell, 1915