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This association was formed in 1902 to foster communication and fellowship among Columbia County and New York City residents who had a common interest - Columbia County. Original members included those with homes in Columbia County with social and/or business interests in New York City, those with homes in New York City and interests in Columbia County and those who maintained homes in both locations. Other members included residents of neither location who had interests in Columbia County - including several past state governors.

NEWS - Koskey to be Distinguished Citizen of the Year
By Steve Barry For Hudson-Catskill Newspapers

Richard Koskey has been named Distinguished Citizen of the Year by the Columbia County Association in the City of New York.

The certified public accountant has been active in the community for more than 40 years. While this latest honor lauds his work as chairman of the Columbia County Economic Development Board, this position is merely his most recent accomplishment.

The CCACNY, a benevolent association founded more than 100 years ago to unite friends with mutual interests in Columbia County and New York City, bestows its award to a worthy community member for outstanding work in both the public and private sectors each year. The Distinguished Citizen of the Year is awarded when a person ³distinguishes him/herself through volunteering or business, improving the quality of life in Columbia County,² said David Crawford, current president of CCACNY.

Richard KoskeyCrawford said in addition to Koskey¹s interests in the community, ³Mr. Koskey has been in business forever, and has always had good dealings,² with peers and fellow community members. Based in Hudson, Koskey graduated from Hudson High School and received his degree from Duke University in 1963. He joined R. H. Pattison & Co. in the same year, later becoming partner and managing principal of Pattison, Koskey, Howe, and Bucci, an accounting firm with three offices around the county. Koskey¹s accomplishments include the presidency of the Children¹s Foundation of Columbia County and the founding of the Columbia-Greene Community Hospital Foundation. He has been chairman of the Board of Trustees of Columbia-Greene Medical Center and a board member of the United Way of Columbia County ‹ to name just a few highlights of his community service. As Chairman of the Columbia County Economic Development Board, Koskey works to unite local businesses and stimulate the economy of Columbia County. He is also particularly proud of his conception of a swimming pool and fitness center at the new Taconic Hills Central School, which he planned while president of the Rheinstrom Hill Community Foundation. Yet for all his involvement, Koskey said that he never intended to become so involved. It all started simpley enough ‹ he just wanted to see some changes made in his community. When he realized he was in a position to implement those changes, he jumped in the fray.

Koskey will formally receive his award when he joins CCACNY members for the awards dinner at Gallagher¹s Restaurant in New York City on May 10. A father of three and grandfather of seven, Koskey and his wife live in Claverack.

Fifth-annual Gathering in New York a Great Success

Eloquent Speeches, Good Fellowship and Inviting Menu
Amid the splendor of the handsome banquet room of the Hotel Astor in New York City , more than 200 of the Sons of Columbia dined together last week, it being the fifth-annual gathering of the Columbia County Association in New York . The reunion was much like those of other years, only better; the attendance was the largest in the organization's history; the same spirit of good fellowship prevailed, which has been such a feature of past gatherings; formalities were thrown to the winds; the men of New York were boys again and the hearty and spontaneous laughter from the many different groups told of the revival of a good joke that had its origin in the old red schoolhouse or down by the deep hole in the stream that used to flood the meadows in the spring and go so provokingly dry in swimming time.